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  • We are a family company with a long tradition that takes great pride in its reputation. This reputation can surely be confirmed by our clients, who’s contentment is our greatest advertisement.
  • We have been on the market for 23 years, so we really went through everything that can happen in the construction industry.
  • Our team consists of our own 60 core employees, who are true experts and professionals in this field.
  • Thanks to our enthusiasm and the experience gained, we do our work honestly and our main motto is a satisfied client.
  • Our main focus is the development of low-energy and passive houses and the construction design materials range from wood to brick or other materials required by the client.
  • We also focus on the construction of residential buildings, industrial buildings, reconstruction of buildings, insulation and other necessary activities related to construction.
  • Our company is also very successful in tenders for government contracts, which make up some 70% of our activities.
  • Government contract are known for pushing mainly on price, quality and speed. And we’re proud to say that our company meets all of these attributes.
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Company history


Norbert Rybka establishes Norbert Rybka construction company, focusing mainly on water piping and sewerage.


In years between 1996 and 2000 we realized countless appartment and housing construstions in municipalities in our region.


Our company broadens it’s activities by special construction works, like large car parks, gabion walls etc.


In the second half of this year, the Quality Management System was introduced ccording to the CSN EN ISO 9001:2001 act.


The second Quality Management System is introduced according to CSN EN ISO 14001:2001 act.


The company Norbert Rybka Ltd. is transformed and the company Rybka – constructions and services Ltd. is established and the son of Norbert Rybka, Mr. David Rybka, becomes a partner and a managing director of the company.


The Health and Safety Management System is introduced according to the CSN OHSAS 18001:2008 act.


The company received a certificate for providing full and complex building arrangements according to the ISO 9001:2009 act and the CSN EN ISO 14001:2005 act.


The company received the Trustworthy company certificate.


For better transparency, possible expansion abroad and better guarantees for clients, the company Rybka – constructions and services Ltd. was transformed into a joint-stock company Rybka Building Ltd.

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