Scaffolding construction


Our company provides complex services in the field of scaffolding systems, lifts, rubbish chute and lifting equipment. We focus primarily on renting and fitting scaffolding of the LAYHER company, mobile scaffolding and any other scaffolding systems. Based on the success of our company, we take great pride in cooperation with a large number of small, medium and large companies. This cooperation is of course based not only on providing high quality lifts, rubbish chutes and scaffolding systems, but also on offering professional services, among which:

  • The Layher scaffolding rental
  • The BOSS mobile scaffolding rental
  • Lifting equipment rental
  • Erection of scaffolding
  • Construction work on a turnkey basis
  • Transportation,
  • Design and consulting services.

We provide construction works on a turnkey basis including handover protocols, under which we guarantee the quality of the building construction. We také care of our clients from the supply of scaffolding systems, mobile scaffolding and lifting equipment, through transportation all the way to training. We also supply and rent lifts and rubbish chutes.

Layher Blitz scaffolding

This galvanized frame system is designed especially for facades. Its main feature lies in high durability, making its service life up to 5 times longer than the service life of normal tubular scaffolding. This high durability is achieved thanks to hot-dipped galvanized steel. The scaffolding system has many logical expansion options for faster installation and can be easily erected with only 6 basic parts, namely: frames, floors, railings, diagonals, base jacks and anchoring.

Advantages of staging Layher Blitz:

  • safety
  • speed of assembly
  • service life
  • easy handling
  • sufficient durability at minimum weight
  • practice-tested system

Mobile aluminum LAYHER scaffolding

Mobile aluminum Layher scaffolding has its irreplaceable role in the construction of buildings as well as in industrial applications.

Layher range of components allows for a wide selection of configurations with different sizes and heights of working floors.

Advantages of LAYHER mobile aluminum scaffolding towers:

  • scaffolding characteristics – durability, low weight, flexibility
  • construction scaffolding – is composed of a minimum number of parts
  • simple assembly and disassembly
  • the scaffolding system allows assembly by a single worker
  • all scaffolding parts are light weight and are very cumbersome
  • low cost of shipping, handling and storage
  • All scaffolding sets are properly homologated by the Safety Research Institute in Prague and meet the highest quality requirements according to the Technical Control Association

Lifts and rubbish chutes

An integral part of any high-rise works are undoubtedly the elevators, which we offer in three types: passenger-freight, cargo and oblique.

We also offer construction winches and rubbish chute.

Passenger-cargo elevator GEDA 500 Z / ZP

  • max. load of 500 kg with 3 passengers or 850 kg without passengers
  • dual lifting speed of 12.0 m / 30.0 m / min.
  • maximum lifting height 100 m
  • chassis with engine 2,8 / 5,5 kW
  • power 380 V, 5-pin plug 16 A, 16 A circuit breaker, characteristic C
  • Cargo space dimensions of 1.6 x 1.4 m


Cargo elevator GEDA 200 / GEDA 300

  • max. load of 200 kg / 300 kg
  • transport of passengers excluded
  • lifting speed of 25.0 m / 30.0 m / min
  • maximum lifting height of 100 m
  • chassis with engine of 1.5 kW / 2.5 kW
  • input 220 V / 380 V
  • Cargo space dimensions of 1.4 x 0.75 m


Building winches GEDA PRIMO STAR 200

  • max. load of 200 kg
  • lifting speed of 22.0 m / min
  • Motor power of 1.0 kW 220 V / 380 V
  • Wide range of accessories


GEDA rubbish chute

  • highly durable material
  • length of one panel 1.0 meters (1.1 meters including collar)
  • Wide range of accessories

Mobile fences and fencing

Rental of mobile fences and fencing

Our company provides complex services in the field of mobile fencing. Mobile fencing is mainly used for fast, easy and very effective bordering of various areas such as construction sites, events or places for pedestrians. The advantage of mobile fences and self-standing barriers is their quick and easy installation, as well as lightweight portability and storage. Our customers have a choice of mobile fences and self-restraint of various styles and sizes. We don‘t only provide mobile fences and barriers, but also complex professional services, including transportation in our company cars. Mobile fencing is also rented in both high and low designs.

Renting our mobile fences and self-standing barriers saves you time, money and effort.
With continuous advances in technology, we offer our customers mobile fencing of the finest quality and material.

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