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Real estate financing through our company

We, in the Rybka Building Company Inc., work with almost all banking and non-banking entities in the Czech Republic. This enables us to provide our clients with very interesting financing of the property that our client showed interest in. We provide processing of mortgage loans from regular family houses, to loans for large development projects. We provide our clients with top mortgage specialists with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Thus, every one of our clients gets the financing that suits him the best.

How does funding work on the Czech market?

Nowadays, 97% of real estate financing goes through mortgage loans, making it one of today’s most in-demand and popular trends in the industry. However, people cannot always afford to finance property purchases from their own resources and that’s when mortgage loans come in.Still, not every client is sufficiently creditworthy for the bank. Our company began to actively deal with this problem several years ago and is now capable of providing our clients in the financial industry with the almost impossible. Our mortgage specialists are real experts. You can schedule a non-binding appointment with one of our mortgage specialists and see for yourself.

Our motto – Reliability, speed a satisfaction

One of our chief concers is that the financing of your house goes without any problems.

Our mortgage specialists are not negotiating over the counter or with a bank mortgage consultant. We always deal directly with managers and bank directors, thereby accelerating your mortgage loan processing and increasing the likelihood of getting mortgage loans in the first place.

We provide clients with the entire process of discussion and drawing down the mortgage. The only time our client has to go to the bank is the signing of the loan agreement.

We provide financing for both brick and prefabricated houses. Prefabricated houses require individual financing methods, and unfortunately not all banking institutions are able to deal with this type of financing. Nevertheless, our mortgage specialists know how to approach these troubles.

Do not rely solely on one offer made by a banking institution. Compare all the options and choose the best solution. This is what we offer as well.

We provide our clients with the calculation of financing of the construction from various banks for FREE.

We know all the pros and cons of the financing methodology of individual banks. You cannot get these information at a bank counter.

We cooperate with all mortgage banks, building societies and banking entities.

If you do not fit the pre-approval proces stereotype, we will negotiate an exemption for you.

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